What Are The Top Qualities You Look Out For In Your Stamp Dealers?

So, you’ve decided get your stamps valued. Indeed, there could be a hidden gem among them that just happens to be worth more than you ever anticipated. While online alternatives proliferate, the traditional – and arguably best – port of call for you to consult in order to assess your options is a stamp dealer. As a rather enigmatic profession, the traits to look for in a stamp dealer are somewhat mysterious outside the circles of experienced collectors.

So, let’s demystify the process and explain three key attributes of a stamp dealer worth his salt – and worth your time.

1) He’s as much a mentor as he is a financial advisor

Financial Advisor
Most stamp dealers started out just like you – as a collector, or an individual whose interest in either the aesthetic and/or financial benefits of stamp collecting led him to stamp dealership. Connecting with your stamp dealer on this level – as mutual enthusiasts – is pragmatic from a business perspective, but can also be highly rewarding in terms of the insights you may gain from him more holistically, too. In particular, if you can find a stamp dealer that shares your passion for a particular variety of stamps, they will be all the more keen to help you realize your goals and make your collection flourish.

2) One stamp dealer may not be appropriate for all your needs

As with many professions, stamp dealers may be specialists or all-rounders and you would be well-advised to screen dealers judiciously in order to ascertain how appropriate they may be to your stamp-related needs. However, relax, and remember to enjoy the social process of doing so!

Stamp Collection Appraisal 3) Consider acquiring a Stamp Collection Appraisal

As a reference point to assist you in sales negotiations or an invaluable resource for future heirs, a Stamp Collection Appraisal can be worth its weight in gold. While some dealers will offer to appraise your stamps for free, an appraisal from a reputable stamp dealer will generally hover around the $50 range. Consider having your stamp collection professionally appraised every 5-10 years.