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We can buy any unwanted Great British Decimal postage stamps you have to sell at competitive prices with fast hassle free payment. You can see from our superb feedback on Trust Pilot (4.9/5) that we are incredibly trustworthy and very professional!

Mint GB Stamps Wanted

We accept all mint condition GB postage stamps whether gummed or self adhesive. If the stamps are not in complete sheets then we only accept them in bags of 100 of the same value. Part sheets are fine so long as the stamps are undamaged.

Price Guide: (Contact Us, % shown in “Face value” F/V)

NVI Standard (sheets & booklets):

  • 1st Class Self Adhesive 25/50’s & booklets: approx 55%-65%
  • 2nd Class Self Adhesive 25/50’s & booklets: approx 67.5%-70%

NVI Large Letter (sheets & booklets):

  • 1st Class Large Self Adhesive 50’s: approx 60%-65%
  • 2nd Class Large Self Adhesive 50’s: approx 67.5%-70%

Gummed Stamps (sheets/bags/booklets in 100’s):

  • Values from 1p – 97p: 40% – 45% F/V
  • Values from £1+ 50%
  • 1st Class NVI: 45% – 50% F/V
  • 2nd Class NVI: 55% – 60% F/V

Self Adhesive Stamps (sheets):

  • Values from 5p – 50p: 62.5% – 70% F/V
  • Values from £1 +- £1.60: 60% – 65% F/V

 All prices are negotiable depending on quantity, quality, payment method & demand. No quantity too large! Immediate payment awaits! Stamp prices and rates change regularly and are dependent on supply and demand.

How to Proceed!

Before you contact us please ensure you have a list of the stamps you have to sell. Please ensure they meet the requirements below.

All stamps must be unused and have the original gum on the back. If self adhesive, they must have the original backing and must still be sticky. We do NOT buy any stamps that have been used previously and we ONLY buy authentic Royal Mail stamps. ALL stamps are checked thoroughly so please don’t try and sell us anything which isn’t 100% authentic.

If Your Stamps Are Not Mint?

We can still purchase stamps that are not mint providing they are unused and have the original gum or self adhesive backing. We sell these at reduced prices so any offers made for these will reflect this!

How We Pay You

We can pay CASH, BANK TRANSFER, PAYPAL, and also in BITCOIN if preferred.