Stamp Collecting for Kids

Collecting stamps for kidsStamp collecting is a great way for kids to learn about history and to develop the skills needed to build and look after a collection.

You don’t need to invest in specialised equipment to get your kids started in this hobby, an old photo album or even a shoe box can be a starting storage option for the stamps.

It is advisable to buy a pair of stamp tongs as opposed to fingers or tweezers, these are not expensive and can even be obtained on ebay.

You can buy cheap stamp collecting kits on ebay or amazon for little more than a few pounds. Typically, the cheaper sets on ebay start at around £22 not including postage.

A lot of stamps which are popular with avid collectors come from countries such as China and can help to teach kids about the history and geography of that particular country.

Any kind of collecting helps to develop a passion for completeness, which is a good educational experience for any child. All children should have a hobby of some sort and stamp collecting helps to develop an interest in the outside world.

As an isolated activity, stamp collecting can appeal to children who suffer from aspergers or autism. A high level of concentration and commitment are required, but it is also an activity which can be undertaken alone with no outside involvement.

If you are collecting rare or commemorative stamps then it is possible that your collection may become valuable at some point in the future and could be considered as a possible investment opportunity.

Stamp sets and first day covers from the Royal Mail offer many stamps with bright and colourful pictures of popular children’s TV shows or characters from books. These kind of stamps are a great way to get your kids interested in becoming a philatelist.