Top 3 most valuable stamps in the world

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Stamp collecting is a very serious hobby and some stamps are worth life changing amounts of money, one of these such stamps is the Red Revenue Small One Dollar Surcharge which is currently valued at US$333,382.

So what makes a stamp so valuable, I hear you ask: one of the main contributing factors is the age of the stamp. Typically, the older it is, the more valuable it will be.

The amount of known pieces still left in circulation is another huge factor in attributing value to a stamp. There are only nine Red Revenue’s known to be left in the world and the whereabouts of each stamp is a matter of considerable interest.

As with many other collectible items, the condition of the piece is another consideration. A stamp which has retained its original features will be worth more money than an example which is in poor condition.

The blue military stamp is part of a set of three stamps which were issued to active soldiers on duty, free of charge. Legislation was brought in shortly after the issue of these stamps to destroy all remaining copies as they were causing a security issue. Only a small amount of these stamps remained with the army and recently one was sold for in excess of $400,000.

Another stamp from China is the Red Maiden in the Green Robe, which was issued during the Qing Dynasty. Just nine of these stamps are known to be in existence and 2004 saw one of them sold for US$444,477.

Even stamps with flaws or errors may be considered to be rarer and more valuable than their perfect counterparts, stamp panes which have been miscut or individual examples with colour flaws can have their value increased immensely by highlighting these misdemeanours.