£1000-£5000 Mixed Value Self Adhesive MACHIN, 16% – 20% Discount, BULK MAIL PRICE DROP!!


Bulk Mail Special, limited availability. Made up with self adhesive queens head/Machin stamps, using a selection of values ranging from around £1.63 up to about £3.60 depending on stock, but right now these will include good mixture of values! You will receive a selection but you may receive greater quantities of certain values where stocks are higher. Great Discount. Perfect for bulk mailing when must have queens head stamps or just want a real bargain!! Actual values will vary from the image shown and we will always use the values we have enough of in stock at the time of the order made and all will be mint sheets of Machin (Queen’s Head) self adhesive stamps. BIGGER DISCOUNTS available for BULK MAIL quantities, £10,000 upwards. Contact us Now



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Mixed Value S/A Bulk Deal £

1000, 3000, 5000, 7500, 10000